LDI, securing production in hospital pharmacies


In partnership with healthcare professionals, we provide innovative solutions to secure the production of hospital pharmacies. One of our most popular solutions is the Cytocontrol® precision balance, which allows gravimetric control of your preparations.

image cytocontrol couleur

The Cytocontrol® precision balance is a weighing equipment specifically designed for weighing in difficult environments (turbulent air flow, cleaning with chemical agents, etc.). Its unique design allows it to be perfectly adapted for weighing components such as syringes, infusion bags, portable diffusers. This specificity allows to obtain a fast and accurate weighing, whatever the working environment.

Mainly used for chemotherapy reconstitution in hospital pharmacies, an interface has been designed to communicate with the most commonly used patient management and production monitoring software. This allows to obtain a complete traceability of the process directly included in the patient file.

With its simple and robust design, the Cytocontrol® requires little maintenance beyond a periodic check (which can be performed by any metrology service provider) necessary for all metrological measurement systems.

The ergonomic weighing frame can be adapted to your products during installation. It remains evolutive to accompany you in your market changes without upsetting your processes.

Associated with a barcode reader and an adapted printer, the Cytocontrol® pack allows you to identify the patient. It controls the preparation steps and affixes the compliance label without leaving the production environment. The security of the preparation is therefore optimal; it allows an easy review of the different steps for validation by the responsible pharmacist before administration. Many options are available on this equipment, depending on your application.

High Precision

High precision balance ensuring a repeatability of +/-0.04 g in a turbulent environment from 0 to 2kg.

Adapted to demanding environments

100% integrable in protective equipment and sterilizable with the different methods used in hospital pharmacies.


Designed for the weighing of the material used during the reconstitution of chemotherapies with a small footprint on the work surface.


Cytocontrol® is compatible with prescription and/or reconstitution software used in hospital pharmacies.


Cytocontrol® is scalable by adapting the weighing frame without replacing the electronics.