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LDI, Aseptic Transfer Solutions

Steripass® : The answer to the protected transfer of bulky components. Steripass® is a range of rectangular, ergonomic and secure transfer locks. It allows the aseptic transfer of your high value-added products or those requiring the highest level of containment.

Steriflex® : Our range of flexible and customizable bags allows the transfer, storage, sterilization and containment until destruction of your sensitive products. This range can be used with Steripass® solutions.

Cytocontrol® : Control with precision the dosage of your active ingredients. This ergonomic and compact weighing system is compatible with the most demanding environments (turbulent flow isolators, sterilization...).


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LDI is a French company that designs and manufactures equipment for hospitals, pharmaceutical and research laboratories. LDI has developed and patented the Steripass® aseptic transfer system and the associated Steriflex® packaging.Steripass® allows the introduction and/or extraction of products from an isolator, a clean room or a confined area without loss of containment.