LDI, securing production in hospital pharmacies

In addition to the Cytocontrol® weighing system, we offer customized services to help you secure your business.

We remain at your disposal to offer you adapted solutions:

  • Supply of sterile labels
  • Equipment / tailor-made process
  • Support in issues related to aseptic transfers and/or process security
  • Packaging and specific decontamination services (products, trays, equipment sets, etc.).

In this field, do not hesitate to ask us for your problems. If our skills can provide an effective response, we will do our best to become your partner!

High Precision

High precision balance ensuring a repeatability of +/-0.04 g in a turbulent environment from 0 to 2kg.

Adapted to demanding environments

100% integrable in protective equipment and sterilizable with the different methods used in hospital pharmacies.


Designed for the weighing of the material used during the reconstitution of chemotherapies with a small footprint on the work surface.


Cytocontrol® is compatible with prescription and/or reconstitution software used in hospital pharmacies.


Cytocontrol® is scalable by adapting the weighing frame without replacing the electronics.