STERIFLEX®: A solution - Infinite Applications


The Steriflex® range of bags allows the transfer of all types of components (solids, liquids, powders) from a confined area via the Steripass® aseptic transfer lock without breaking the containment. Adapted to your needs, Steriflex® bags are selected and designed in partnership with users in order to provide you with the solution to your aseptic transfer needs.


The Steriflex® range of bags includes our plastic packaging necessary for the use of our Steripass® air locks. Designed around its connector allowing a tight junction with all Steripass® airlocks, this constantly evolving range contains several models. It covers a wide variety of aseptic transfer applications. 

Each application is unique; we adapt our Steriflex® packaging to your application and its constraints, in collaboration with your various departments. In such configurations, a prototyping phase is then required to validate the characteristics of the Steriflex® bag. Our Steriflex® range, entirely manufactured in clean room, is adapted to aseptic transfers in the most demanding environments. According to your sterilization constraints and depending on the models, we can provide you with packaging compatible with the most common sterilization processes such as gamma radiation, ETO sterilization, autoclaving or VHP sterilization.

Steriflex® packaging can be supplied sterilized (mainly for product release applications), ready to be sterilized or non-sterile. Our clean room production facilities allow us to manufacture packaging of various volumes (from a few liters to several hundred liters).

Many materials are available for the Steriflex® bag film such as PP, PU, various PE, Tyvek®… To support your development, we can, if necessary and after validation, use your validated films. This approach allows a faster integration and validation. We optimize your Time To Market together.

To learn more about the applications of our Steripass® / Steriflex® range, go to the applications tab (examples of uses).

Examples of applications for our Steriflex® products :

Containment of areas or products: 

Removal of infectious waste (e.g. CMR contaminated product waste).
Removal of used components from a sterile area (e.g. single-use needles, Tyvek® lids).
Sequential discharge of products (e.g. preparation of chemotherapy, samples for quality control).

Sterile component transfers:

Introduction into a packaging line of RTU components (e.g.: basket of syringes, stoppers).
Introduction of culture media into a controlled atmosphere area (e.g. petri dish).
Introduction of internally sterilized components (ETO, Autoclave…) in a controlled atmosphere area.

Fluid transfer:

Evacuation of liquids from a confined area (e.g. purging a sterility pump).
Transfer of liquids between two distinct areas (e.g.: mother bags to filling line).

One-time access :

Introduction of tools (e.g.: rapid intervention kit).
Installation of production equipment (e.g. vibrating bowls).
Installation of control equipment (e.g. microscope).
Transfer between two adjacent areas.

Ring Of Concern Protection

The transfer of components is protected by a deflector integrated into the connector, which prevents any contact with the Ring Of Concern during the transfer phases.


Depending on the needs, Steriflex® bags are compatible with the different decontamination processes commonly used: gamma radiation, ETO, Autoclave, VHP...


The Steriflex® range can be fully customized according to your application.