STERIPASS®: A solution - Infinite Applications


LDI has designed and developed STERIPASS®, a patented aseptic transfer lock. It allows the transfer of all types of components without breaking the containment. Steripass® offers a multitude of applications in totally secure aseptic transfer: the transfer of liquids or the transfer of bulky components, such as baskets of syringes or sterile vials.


The Steripass® aseptic transfer lock is a new generation of RTP lock. With its compact and fully mechanical design, the Steripass® allows the transfer of components from or to a confined area without breaking containment.

The Steripass® aseptic transfer lock is easy to use. It is supported by several safety systems to prevent any mishandling. The Steripass® range is extremely versatile; it can be used in a multitude of applications for different sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories, hospitals, etc. Whether in a sterile or toxic environment, Steripass® airlocks secure your aseptic transfers with ease.

The design carried out according to the “Quality By Design” approach has enabled the development of a range of Steripass® airlocks that require little maintenance. After training during the FAT/SAT services offered, the user teams can take care of preventive maintenance while maintaining a high level of reliability.

Available in several models according to the applications, Steripass® airlocks can be supplied in 316L stainless steel or in plastic materials (PE/POM). All models can be cleaned and sterilized in place. This allows you to maintain a sanitary quality in compliance with your environment throughout the operation of the Steripass®.

Many options are available to adapt to your working environment (opening direction, sterilization container, ergonomics…). It remains evolutive during operation. Each Steripass® is 100% tested before delivery to secure the aseptic transfer of your high value-added products or those requiring the highest level of containment.

Steripass® transfer locks are adapted to a multitude of applications in the pharmaceutical sector. Whether in the Biotechnology or Cell/Gene Therapy sectors, or more broadly for the various players in the pharmaceutical sector, the safety of the transfer phases is highly critical in order to secure the various stages leading to a drug treatment. Steripass® airlocks are designed to be used from R&D to Fill & Finish stages, including quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical sector. The main applications are the introduction of sterile components (syringes, vials…), the transfer of liquids or the transfer of samples for quality control. Because it does not require any rotation of the equipment during the transfer phases, the Steripass® is perfectly suited to the transfer of heavy loads and/or those requiring to remain horizontal.

In hospitals, the Steripass® system is mainly used in the reconstitution units for anti-cancer treatments. These treatments are CMR products that must not come into contact with the preparers, nor be disseminated in the environment; to avoid any risk, they are therefore only handled in a confined environment such as an isolator or hood. In these units, one of the applications of Steripass® is to enable the evacuation of waste from the preparation process from the confined environment into leak-proof and resistant bags, which guarantee the safety of all those involved until it reaches the incinerator located several kilometers from the center. At the other end of the chain, Steripass® also ensures the sequenced delivery of infusion bags in “tubing”, i.e. in a welded plastic sheath that perfectly isolates the product from the outside environment until it is administered to the patient. Steripass® thus guarantees product sterility and protection of people and their environment.

In research laboratories, Steripass® can be used for the evacuation of infectious waste from a confined work area (fume hoods, isolators, clean rooms, PSM…), for the transfer of components from one area to another or for the transfer of liquid.

A large rectangular opening

The dimensions of the Steripass® range are 245x175 mm (H x W).


Steripass® transfer locks are designed to be cleanable in place and sterilizable in place according to commonly used methods.

Compact and easy to integrate

The opening directions are easily adaptable and scalable to fit each configuration.

Very low operational cost

The Steripass® range is entirely mechanical and requires very little maintenance.